Meet the Archives Team

Archives Staff

Jeanne Riordan

Shambhala Archives Director

Jeanne Riordan is responsible for maintaining donor database information; filling requests for photos, information, transcripts: for research, publications, in-house teachings; maintaining Past Perfect database for Photograph, Object, Library and paper Archives Collections; managing new acquisitions for these Collections, entering data for new accessions continuing to be found in Collection; managing VCTR Collection, maintaining the environment and storage facility; management of the Photographic Recovery Project; support for volunteers, summer students; planning projects, mentoring, accessing progress, and much more! And as of August 2022 Jeanne has received the long overdue title of “Shambhala Archives Director”.

Rosie Pittas

Technical Director

Rosie Pittas started as a summer student and a year later became a full-time employee. She began digitizing Archive’s VHS material and is now the new Technical Director.
She has become familiar with our two main museum and media database softwares.
Rosie trained with the American Association of State and Local History in the physical care and preservation of museum collections, including how collections age and deteriorate, handling collections, storage requirements, environmental considerations, housekeeping, and risk management.

Iryna Vorobiova

Museum Specialist

Iryna was Museum Senior Research Fellow in Kyiv, curating and directing more than twenty projects with twenty years of experience in many areas of museum work. She is delighted to be working with the Archives and expanding her knowledge of our founder, Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche through looking after his personal belongings. As she writes:

“It is a pure joy and honour to work with such a unique collection. I have been practicing the teachings of Buddhism and Shambhala for over 20 years, yet I could not have imagined such a variety of the most incredible works of art. Every day I get to witness the entire history of Shambhala, so inspiring, engaging, and joyful. This collection will inspire many generations of humans in the future, and I am delighted to use my skills and knowledge to help preserve this collection.”

Consulting Volunteers

David Brown

Retired Operations Director

David Brown had overall responsibility for the activities of the Shambhala Archives, its budget and staff until his retirement in August 2022. He has been Executive Secretary for Sakyong Mipham since 1990, and more recently for Shambhala.
He attended Trungpa Rinpoche and served in the administration of Vajradhatu, Karme Choling and Naropa University where he received an MA in psychology. He has directed Naropa’s Maitri program and has trained in Tibetan thanka painting.

Chris Morel

Website Developper

Chris is a volunteer with the Shambhala Archives, assisting with web set design and development. With a background in software development, he has been involved in the review and update of the Archives site and adding capabilities of web site analytics and search engine optimization.

Dr. Alex Van Gils

Archives Associate and Database Consultant

Alex proposed and played a huge part when we began migrating our data from the old Digital Media database to the new one. He worked alongside the software developers to make sure that every aspect of our new database was tailored to our needs. He is an invaluable member of our team and thanks to him we were able to upgrade to a newer database that has made cataloging and locating our digital media files much easier.
He has since become a valuable associate and friend who
is currently working in music and creative technology and
has a Ph.D. in Music Theory and Composition .

Bruce Wauchope

Archives Consultant

Bruce Wauchope, a hobbyist in audio and electronics, has had careers in both information technology and music. He was Director of Vajradhatu Recordings in Boulder 1978-81. Since 1975, he has provided audio/video services for both Sakyongs and their organizations. Currently in Halifax, Bruce offers tech support to the Archive and the Halifax and St. Margarets Bay Shambhala Centres.

Former Archival Staff

Gordon Kidd

Retired Technical Director

Former Technical Director of Shambhala Archives and
Kalapa Recordings from 1994 – 2019. Gordon first joined the Archives’ Video Recovery Program then also took on the role of Kalapa Recordings Director.Gordon’s background in film and video editing suited the publishing of numerous seminars in video cassette and then DVD format of both Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. These video and audio offerings are found at Kapala Publications. Wearing two hats – one for Recordings – documenting programs and publishing them, one for Archival preservation and management, made for a multifaceted job description! The adaptation to digital media, in program acquisition, storage, databasing, and eventual publishing, these rounded out his years of work within the Shambhala International organization. Together with his wife Sylvia he enjoys
travel, as pictured above beside the
Ingonish River in Kalapa Valley, Nova Scotia.

Carolyn Gimian

Former Director Emeritus

Carolyn Rose Gimian is the Executive Director of the
Chogyam Trungpa Institute at Naropa University and the Director of the Chogyam Trungpa Institute of Nova Scotia. Carolyn was the founding director of the Shambhala Archives, and she continues to work with the Archives on special projects. She is a past president of the Council of Nova Scotia Archives. She edited Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior in close cooperation with the author. Volumes edited posthumously include the Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa, Mindfulness in Action, and The Future Is Open. Carolyn’s writing is published in Lion’s Roar, Mindful Magazine, Buddhadharma, The Best of Buddhist Writing, and other publications. Carolyn is a teacher of meditation and Buddhism. Her current focus is both preserving the legacy of
Chogyam Trungpa and also supporting and learning from
young leaders and teachers inspired by his work.

Ethan Neville

Former Archival Associate

Ethan is our digital restoration expert and resident artist. He methodically transfers VHS tapes of the Sakyong to digital files, stores, and protects them on behalf of the Shambhala Lineage. He also brings his artistic talents to our photography restoration projects as well as our fundraising and outreach endeavours.

Mark Whaley

Former Archives Director

During his time as Director of the Shambhala Archives, Mark unified archival activity under Kalapa Media alongside IT, Shambhala Online and Sakyong Mipham’s teachings, facilitating more efficient operations and communication between departments across the Shambhala Mandala. He also oversaw the recording, storage and dissemination of the Scorpion Seal teachings, upgrades to the Archives website and equipment.

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